Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

Replacing windows in a home is one of the most important decisions any homeowner makes. In addition to the financial considerations, equally important are durability and aesthetic considerations. Will these windows stand the test of time? Are the architectural details right for my home? Will I be happy if the size and profile of the muntins do not match my existing windows?

Thankfully with SP Windows, you can rest assured knowing that your replacement windows will be a sound investment. All our replacement windows are designed for vintage homes and the architectural details are so good, many people tell us that once installed and finished it's hard to tell (beyond the obvious comfort and functionality difference) that the new windows weren't original to the home. Sashes are all-wood with Low-e insulated glass. Our standard window design maintains close to full original glass viewing area and SP Windows can custom manufacture any grill profile. In many cases, we can re-use your old window hardware to further enhance the look of your windows.

Our all wood double hung replacement windows feature traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery. We take no shortcuts and our objective is to build a replacement window that will stand the test of time. Both the lower and upper sash of our double hung windows may be opened to increase ventilation and the upper and lower sashes tilt in for cleaning.

Whether it's sash replacement kits or our innovative box replacement window, SP's patent pending wood jambliner is one of the best features. It is dimensionally stable for extreme temperature fluctuations and it will not warp, crack, or get brittle like vinyl jambliner replacements. And, because it can be finished to match existing trim, your windows will look like they've been there forever.

Did you know sash replacement allows SP to replace your window sashes without disturbing your window trim and is done from the inside with minimal disruption? Because the work is done from the inside, we can actually replace your windows any time of year!

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