Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows

The double-hung window is perhaps the most familiar window type in older homes. People who own vintage homes know that modern replacements often times lack the authentic details which we often refer to as “character.” That’s precisely why SP's Custom Wood Double Hung Windows are built with details that match historic windows. So whether you are replacing an existing window or need new windows for an addition, SP's Custom Wood Double Hung Windows are an excellent choice.

Our patented wood jambliners offer all the energy efficient characteristics of a modern window, but can be painted or stained the same color as your existing trim. Simple tilt-latches allow the window sashes (both upper and lower) to be tilted in for cleaning. Low-e glass maximizes energy efficiency. You can even choose the hardware to match existing windows in your home.

The sashes may be divided into a number of lights by small wood members called muntins. Because this is a custom (yet affordable) replacement, we can match any grill pattern. Our grilled are bonded to each side of the glass, creating what is called “simulated divided light”. From the street and from inside your home, this is the most authentic way to replicate the look of vintage divided light windows. We even have the ability to match unique muntin profiles. People love SP Windows because they are not forced to make compromises which they feel impacts the unique characteristics of their vintage home.

Double-hung windows can be arranged in a number of ways.

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