Reconditioning - Stained Windows

SP Custom Carpentry and Windows can transform your existing wood windows into a more weather-tight, functional window which will tilt in for cleaning. The revolutionary Retrobox uses a patented wood-wrapped aluminum jambliner which will last longer, perform better and will preserve the look of your old windows while upgrading the thermal performance.

  • The center window has been "reconditioned" using SP's patented Retrobox  rope and pulley replacement system. Maintains the look of a vintage window and provides over 95% of the efficiency of a modern replacement window at around 1/2 the cost.
  • SP Installers can install a Retrobox in around 45 minutes.
  • The Retorbox process converts old rope and pulley windows into a modern, weather-stripped, tilt-in window
  • SP's Retorbox is made out of aluminum for strength and longevity
  • The retrobox uses your existing sashes to modernize your windows
  • One of the best features of SP's Retrobox  is how seamlessly it blends in with the existing trim. Most people need a double-take to see what is diiferent about the window. The trick is keeping the character of the window while improving performance.
  • The Retrobox system allows the upper and lower sash to tilt-in for cleaning
  • Using old window hardware or historic replicas keep the character of the windows in tact
  • Die-cast pivot bars are installed to allow the windows to slide in a track and tilt-in for cleaning
  • This beautiful shot shows both the track and how it integrates with the historic sash, the tilt-latch and how the existing trim frames the window in the opening.
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