Fin-Mounted Aluminum Storm Windows in Bronze South Minneapolis

Call it a case study in thrifitness. This homeowner hired SP Windows (aka Sy the Window Guy) to install storm windows in their South Minneapolis home. To save money, they went with SP's high end, wood surround combination storm window in the front of their house. On the sides and back they used SP's value priced fin-mounted aluminum storm windows.  The bronze aluminum storms work well with the red trim. Remember - storm windows are the most economical way to save enery and extend the life of your beautiful olf windows. If you are looking for any kind of storm windows in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding metropolitan areas, call SP Windows for a no cost, no obligation estimate. SP manufactures and installs - old fashioned wood storm windows and screens, wood surround combination windows, flush frame aluminum storm windows, fin mounted aluminum storm windows, screen panels, arch top storm windows, round wood storm windows, fixed storm windows and so much more.

  • Fin mounted storm windows are SP's most economical storm windows.
  • The fin mount refers to the "fin" of aluminum which mounts to the blind stop.
  • Storm windows protect the inside sashes. Homeowners with some skill can consider installing their own stornm windows. If you live in the twin cities, we'll teach you how!
  • On average, a storm window project will take 10 years to pay back the investment in energy savings. Also, don't forget they save maintenance costs and time too, by protecting the prime sashes.
  • Want to save money on storm windows? Choose the best-looking storms for the front of the house, but use a value-priced product for the sides and back.
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