Annual Maintenance Schedule (Spring and Fall)

Posted September 24, 2012 @ 1:02pm | by Mike V.

Annual Maintenance Schedule (Spring and Fall)

Examining all of your windows a couple times a year can payoff by eliminating the need for costly structural repairs. Doing a little work each year and each season can extend the life of your windows.


  - Keep it painted

  • Walk around the house and examine each window, looking for peeling paint, especially on horizontal surfaces where water might collect. South facing surfaces take a lot of abuse.
  • Pay attention to missing glazing- spot glaze when possible. Consider rotational full glazing program
  • Look for missing caulking- especially where the trim peices meet
  • Feel the sills and look for soft wood
  • Check the drip cap at the top of the windows
  • Storm windows- if you have wood- make sure glazing is in tact.
  • If you have modern storms, make sure the weep holes are clear
  • Fix broken glass


  •  Keep it painted - check areas where condensation might have worn away paint or stain
  • Add or renew weather-stripping
  • Make sure sash locks and lifts are in good condition- ensure locks are pulling the two sashes together
  • Replace broken or worn sash cords
  • Look for signs of water- intrusions in the walls 
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